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Simple, Fast Cannabis Delivery

Prohibition is over, and we're here to deliver your highs in the new era

Right to Your Door

We know you don't want to leave the house on the weekends. With Canary, you don't have to. Products are delivered to the location of your choice.


Canary operates in full compliance with state and city laws with state-licensed marijuana retailers.

Painless Verification

Sign up takes seconds, and verifying your status as a legal cannabis user is as easy as scanning your ID when you register. We won't ask you to do it again.

Mockup screenshot of Canary order confirmation screen

Safe and Reliable

Canary is your source for safe, effective and delicious cannabis products. Ordering takes minutes and delivery is usually within the hour.

Huge Selection

We're sourcing our strain attributes and reviews from a wide variety of partners. With Canary, you'll always have the most up-to-date selections.


Our catalog includes popular food and drink items to satisfy your insatiable appetite. Yeah, we've thought of everything.

How It Works

Once you're verified, you're only three steps away from Canary deliveries


Canary abides by all recreational and medicinal cannabis laws on a state-by-state basis. When you first sign up, we'll need proof that you're able to enjoy cannabis legally in your state – you'll take a picture of your ID or medicinal marijuana card during signup and send it to us for verification. Once verified, you're good to order.


We believe that you should be able to enjoy all strains of cannabis, not just the ones available at your local store. We're partnering with dispensaries and producers to connect you with a huge variety of cannabis products. Interested in becoming a Canary partner? Click here.


Canary makes ordering marijuana as easy as ordering a pizza. Choose to pay through the app or with cash when your driver arrives- whatever's most convenient for you.


After placing an order, we'll route the nearest Canary courier to fulfill your delivery within the hour. You're always only 3 button clicks away from getting cannabis delivered to you quickly and efficiently. Stay home, we've got you covered.

The App

Here's what the Canary app looks like.

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